First issue of the Heckler’s Scouting Report available on May 23rd

First issue of the Heckler’s Scouting Report available on May 23rd

May 22, 2015
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The Heckler’s Scouting Report for the Jacksonville game will be available only at the game this Saturday, May 23rd. Written by David Martin, aka @offensive_loons, it’s sure to give you all the ammunition you’ll need to make sure that Jacksonville hears you.

Some of our favorite parts include:

From 8 “Facts” about Jacksonville – 

4. Legendary rock artists Lynyrd Skynyrd originated in Jack- sonville, their hometown pride presumably inspiring such Jack- sonville-infused classics as “That Smell,” “The Needle and the Spoon,” and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

From Bochy Hoyos’s Scouting Report – 

Key Statistic – 527. Bochy Hoyos has logged 527 minutes for Jacksonville this year, each minute a grain of sand slipping irretrievably from his fingers, mortality climbing higher as of a tide rising to pull him into the boundless sea as time ebbs away and leaves him as he came to the world: nothing more than inconsequential dust. He currently ranks seventh on the team in this category.

We love the “scouting” David has done for this game, and you should too. It’ll be available in the at the tailgate or in the Dark Clouds section of the stands until they are all gone. And unlike The Darkness, this one will only be available at the game.

JAX cover

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